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Start Living Your Best Life, One Choice at a Time!

I give each client an opportunity to re-examine their path in life. Clients who finish one of my sessions come away satisfied and with an improved mindset in managing challenges and pursuing goals. I take pride in reading my clients’ testimonials and learning how I’ve helped to change their outlook on life. Check out some of their experiences below and contact me to add yours!

Tamar is helping me shed light on key issues and find the clarity I need to make positive changes in my life. She listens wholeheartedly and her thoughtful questions empower me to initiate new paths. Tamar's humor, compassion, and direct nature puts me at ease and enables me to be my best self.


Tamar is clear, direct, and insightful. I came to her with what might be perceived as a really small issue for others, but was paralyzing for me. Talking to Tamar really helped me move forward in a way that I never had been able to before.


When I first met with Tamar I was fresh from divorce and trying to not let my personal feelings for my ex get in the way of allowing him to grow as a dad. Tamar listened and provided a safe space for me to determine the best ways I could build a new, positive relationship as a co-parent with him.


Tamar helped me see where I was getting in my own way. Talking to her is easy, and it was really cool to kind of get to know myself better and see how I sometimes sabotage myself from a totally different angle.


Tamar is a really insightful teacher and coach. She let me talk myself in and out of my own issues, and helped me make changes that I hadn't been able to make before. I learned so much about healthy boundaries and relationships through working with her.


Tamar allowed me to address my grief about divorce in a safe and compassionate environment. I truly didn’t know how to grieve. I didn’t know how to grieve alone and I didn’t know how to grieve about divorce. I didn’t know how to determine whether or not my kids needed to grieve and how I would help them do so without projecting my own sadness. I left with some clear steps to help me process my grief. I also was able to start to separate my feelings of guilt from my sadness so that I could grieve with less fear! I’m so grateful for this connection with Tamar!


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