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Honor YOUR Needs

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

I am an Aquarius. I need AIR!!! Skating became part of my soul when I was very young and never let go. Downhill wind blowing through my hair, my face frozen with blurry tears. ALIVE! This is life! This is my church! This is where my soul is free, my thoughts run wild, and all good things happen. It is when I dream big. It is when I love and am love. And when it is over, I can breathe. I can function. I can implement action. The wholeness I have felt empowers me and carries me through the rest of the day, no matter the circumstances.

For so many years I let myself be consumed by fire. I forgot my one huge truth. I NEED AIR. I gave it all to the hot, burning flames. I lived in a place that didn't lend itself to skates, the sidewalks too cracked and the streets too potholed. I let it go and walked around instead. I walked and I walked, but it didn't free me. I forgot what I needed. I sapped myself dry.

I recently returned to skating. And I CANNOT STOP! Thinking about it gets me going, doing it keeps me going. I laugh more. I smile harder. I have more room inside to dream and I have more strength inside to see the dreams through.

People laugh when they hear that skating is my passion. Like I am trying to regain my youth, or doing something frivolous. Once these thoughts or comments would have embarrassed me. Stopped me from dancing on my wheels on the wide, steep hill where neighbors can watch me in horror or glee. But now I smile. Skating is my freedom. It unleashes my power and satisfies my deep need for air. It keeps me going on dark days and it pushes me to go farther on light ones. To me, it is as important a step in a successful plan as meditating or vision boards or organized calendars and daily goals are for someone else.

What gets you going? What keeps you going? When you find it - embrace it, enjoy it, and never let it go. Hold it sacred in your busy calendar and life, no matter what gets thrown at you and I promise you will be one step closer to whatever success looks like to you!

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