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Take A Class!

I know that coaching can seem daunting and cost-prohibitive to some. Because of that, I am working on creating stand-alone classes to help parents with specific issues related to co-parenting life. I’m very excited to announce my first new class offering on the BabySparks parenting app.

BabySparks is a leading parenting app long known for its expert guidance and education in the parenting realm for ages 0-3. Recently they have begun branching out to parents of children all the way through 18, and my class on single parent dating is a brand-new offering that reflects this growth!

In the class I discuss things like:

- what information to share/when with your co-parent about dating

- best practices in introducing new partners to your family

- what reactions to prepare for in your children by age

The class is online, on-demand, and currently offered at either the subscription rate or a VERY low cost for the single class only.

Check it out! And tell a divorced/single parent friend!


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