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Why CTA?

A lot of people ask what CTA certification means and why I chose it. CTA stands for Coach Training Alliance and it is the school I attended to receive my life coaching certification. I chose it based on rave reviews from people and the fact that their certification is recognized by the International Coach Federation. Many people do not realize that ANYBODY can "hang a shingle" as a life coach. There is no oversight and no licensure required. However, training and competence are important to me! When I went back for my coaching training, I had already received both an undergraduate and masters degree and had a long career in education/publishing under my belt. I was looking for a solid program that was well recognized with extensive training that did not cost an arm-and-a-leg or take four years to finish. CTA was it! I found this and so much more in completing the initial CTA program, and will probably take continuing education courses for the entirety of my career as a coach.

If you are interested in coach training yourself, take a look at what CTA has to offer. Their teachers are incredibly knowledgeable and their certification process is both straight-forward and amazingly rewarding. I have learned so much through my CTA family and do not hesitate to recommend the school to anyone who asks. If you have any personal questions regarding my certification or obtaining your own through CTA, please contact me! I am happy to respond.

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